Intake Procedures

Counseling & Recovery Services of Oklahoma is committed to collecting, securing, maintaining, and providing quality client health information.

The following information and forms are necessary to complete intake procedures (please note that admissions for The CALM Center are an entirely different procedure and all forms will be completed at the site):

Please download and complete this ADULT INTAKE PACKET of forms, including your digital signature (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) and email it to: intakedept@crsok.org

Please download and complete this CHILD INTAKE PACKET of forms (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) and email it to: intakedept@crsok.org

Please download and complete these FEE AGREEMENT forms, including your digital signature (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) and email it to: intakedept@crsok.org

Link to download Adobe Acrobat Reader is HERE.
Instructions for use below:
Under the Tools menu in Acrobat, select Sign & Certify, then select Sign Document and follow on screen instructions.
Under the Tools Menu in Acrobat at top right of screen, select Forms. The select Edit. A box will pop up asking to detect fields, select Yes. Document will be scanned for fillable fields and when it is done, click Ok. Then go back under the Forms menu and select Close Form Editing. The document will now be ready for you to go through and enter your information.

If you can only print out the forms and complete them manually, then please fax them to:
Attention: Health Information Management Department

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Robin’s Story

Robin’s Story

Robin's Story As I tell you my story with mental illness, I want you to be hyper-aware of two important points. 1) My story is not uncommon. The struggles and pain I have felt do not make me unique. 2) I was the best case scenario in terms of my support system and my ability to afford professional help and medication...and I barely made it. I wrote this late one night and it’s the closest I’ve...

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CRSOK to Conduct FEMA Crisis Counseling

CRSOK to Conduct FEMA Crisis Counseling

Tulsa, OK – In June 2019, historic flooding destroyed many homes and lives throughout Oklahoma. According to the American Psychological Society, as many as four in 10 survivors can experience a mental or behavioral disorder after a disaster, with children, women and the poor disproportionately affected. Many people impacted by this natural disaster may still be experiencing anxiety, depression...

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Winter 2020 Newsletter

Winter 2020 Newsletter

CRSOK has been busy the last few months. We have new Board Members, had our Annual Employee Appreciation Awards Dinner, received a FEMA grant to provide free crisis counseling to flood victims in Tulsa County and been visiting local news stations discussing our other programs. Check out our Winter 2020 Newsletter!

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