Recovery Starts Here

Therapist Senator

Allison Ikley-Freeman left her role as therapist here to begin serving in the Oklahoma Senate. She is the state’s youngest senator at age 26, and the only therapist to serve in the Legislature.

She decided to run for office because the state was not meeting health and education needs of low income Oklahomans. She grew up in poverty and was homeless in college. She hopes to show fellow legislators how services can create bridges out of poverty.

Allison also plans to take Sanctuary tools and principles learned at Counseling & Recovery Services to the Capitol and hopes they will help her create change there.

“Counseling and Recovery Services is a large part of my ability to be an effective legislator, and I look forward to all the growth and change that is yet to come,” Allison said.

To read the entire Winter/Spring 2018 newsletter where this story appeared, follow this link.